Announcing GERO Stake Pool Rewards

3 min readJan 20, 2023

Beginning with epoch 391 GERO stake pool delegators will begin earning rewards in both ADA and $GERO.

This plan is meant to encourage additional delegators to create a healthier stake pool as well as reward supporters from the community. Rewards will begin to accrue after epoch 391 and can be claimed via Drip Dropz (

How to get started

To get started with staking we have included a guide here:

GERO stake pool ticker: GERO

Additional GERO stake pool info:

Earning Rewards

You can earn rewards in many ways. Breakdown of rewards is explained below.

  1. Delegating ADA to the GERO Stake pool: Staking at least 250 ADA to the pool.
  2. Owning Gero NFTs: Each NFT you own will reward you .917 $GERO per NFT for each epoch.
  3. Owning NFTs from both the Gero stag collections and collab with Bajuzki Studios: If you own at least one NFT from each collection, a bonus of 8.5% will be applied.
  4. Owning $GERO: For every 5,000 $GERO held in your GeroWallet you will earn 1.1 $GERO for each epoch.
  5. Delegating to the GERO pool early: A pioneer bonus is provided for those who have already staked as well as will stake within the next 12 epochs. This bonus ends in epoch 403.
  6. Delegating to the GERO pool for longer: Delegating to GERO for longer will earn you a higher bonus. Beginning with the first epoch you will receive a 1.25% bonus. This bonus maxes out at 15%. Once you receive the max bonus, as long as you stay delegated to the stake pool you will continue to receive the max loyalty bonus.

Rewards Breakdown

Additional Details:

  • Stake pool margin has been increased to 25%. This will take effect starting with epoch 391.
  • The minimum amount of staked ADA to qualify for rewards is 250 ADA.
  • Pioneer bonus will end with epoch 403.
  • Rewards shown in the chart are guaranteed for the first 6 epochs. After 6 epochs the rewards may be recalibrated for balance. If we make changes to the stake pool or rewards will be announced on our socials ahead of time.
  • Loyalty bonus resets after an address stops delegating.

For questions or additional information you can reach us here:


Drip Dropz

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