Announcing the GeroWallet Stake Pool

GeroWallet is celebrating its 1st birthday by launching the GERO stake pool. Therefore everyone is invited to participate in the launch of the GERO stake pool and in return they will receive $GERO as a reward. This method allows users to stake their GeroWallet to the GERO stake pool and receive $GERO as the reward.

How to Participate

GERO is utilizing the Cardano Blockchains core functionality of delegating to a stakepool. To participate you can use GeroWallet or a compatible ADA wallet, search for GERO stakepool and stake. To fully utilize the $GERO rewards, users should delegate their ADA starting today May 21st 2022.

Steps to Stake

  1. Create a GeroWallet or import an existing wallet to GeroWallet.

If you are already staked(delegated) to an active pool you simply need to change pools or add the Gero stake pool as a pool your wallet stakes to.

Leaving Stakepool Early

Users will have the ability to unstake their ADA at any time as the GERO token rewards are calculated for each Epoch (5 days) and will be distributed starting June 25th, 2022.

How rewards are calculated
Three variables determine how much $GERO participants in the stakepool will receive:

  1. Amount of ADA delegated. The more ADA you have staked the more rewards you will receive.

For example, if one delegates 1000 ADA for 6 epochs they will receive 75 $GERO when they claim from DripDropz platform: 1000∗6∗0.0125=75.0 $GERO tokens.

Participation Basics

  • Starts on May 25th, 2022 or Epoch 341

About GeroWallet
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