Cardano Native Token (CNT)Support

Snap shot of GeroWallet interface. It is a black background with a blue-green box at the top displaying the current balance. Below that are 3 buttons: Buy, Send and Stake. Below that there are two tabs, assets and history. The screen example displays assets with Cardano, GERO and Charli3 as the examples.

It’s been a big year for GeroWallet. We’ve launched our own Cardano wallet, added the ability to purchase ADA within the wallet via our partner Moonpay, added support for multiple wallets to be created, ADA Staking and now we have support for Cardano Native Tokens!

Today, the newest version of GeroWallet is here, and with it, support for Cardano Native Tokens (CNTs). You can now send, receive, and store any CNT using your GeroWallet.

CNT support is easily one of the most anticipated additions on our roadmap, and it sets the stage for so many of the features we’re eager to bring to you.

You can download the updated version of GeroWallet here.

Additionally, as a recap, we’ve lined up integration partnerships with Cardano innovators who share our vision of a frictionless, robust, and friendly one-stop-shop for decentralized finance. This includes two decentralized exchanges (DEX), ADAX Pro, and Matrixswap. One yield farming platform, Don-Key Finance. And we’re working with Ridotto, the decentralized gambling and lottery platform, Paribus for borrowing and lending alternative assets (this author is particularly excited to earn yield on NFTs), and ADA Handle for custom wallet addresses on Cardano. As well as support on the backend from PARSIQ, MLabs, Moralis, and Charli3. All in all, we’re grateful and excited to see everything come together.

Next up, our team is hard at work on non-fungible token (NFT) support, hardware wallet support, and DEX integrations! We’ve got a lot planned for GeroWallet over the next 6 months.

Here’s a look at our planned roadmap milestones

Q4 2021 October 1 — December 31


• Creation of $GERO Cardano native token

• Decentralized exchange integration

• Fiat off-ramp

• Hardware wallet support

• Non-fungible token/collectible support

• Swapping Cardano native tokens within GeroWallet

• Wallet personalization support

• Website redesign

Q1 2022 January 1 — March 31

• $GERO token staking

• Expanded view support

• Mobile Applications

- Android beta

- iOS beta

• Voting/Governance contracts launched

Q2 2022+

• Cross-chain swapping

• Yield farming

• Borrowing and lending

• Synthetic assets support

We’re proud of the team for their hard work bringing GeroWallet to this point. And we’re grateful to you, the community, for being a part of it.

To celebrate our progress so far, we’re giving away $3000 GeroTokens to 15 lucky winners. We will be selecting 1 grand prize winner and 14 other prize winners.

  • Grand prize: $1000 in $Gero
  • Four $250 in $Gero prizes
  • Ten $100 in $Gero prizes

Our Sweepstakes is open until November 24. Winners will be announced the week of November 29.