Gero Bridge event #2

2 min readSep 14, 2023


A new solution is available to bridge $GERO tokens from Ethereum to Cardano.

All addresses that held tokens in their wallet prior to the Nomad Protocol bridge exploit can now bridge from Ethereum to Cardano via the Wanchain Bridge. Official URL is

All wallet addresses holding the Ethereum $GERO token directly before the Nomad Protocol Bridge exploit started have been issued a proxy token for bridging. This proxy token ticker is GEROV2 with contract address 0x977f7001815cF13Ed1f0548Ec68BeC4Ea561E3d6.

How to Bridge via WanBridge:

Step 1: Select GERO under the “select asset” option.

Step 2: Click on “Select chain from”, scroll and select Ethereum.

Step 3: Connect the Ethereum wallet address holding the Ethereum $GERO tokens.

Step 4: Click the “Select To Chain” and select Cardano.

Step 5: Paste the Cardano address where you would like to receive your bridged $GERO. Do not use an exchange address.

Step 6: Enter the amount of tokens you would like to bridge.

Step 7: Select “Next”.

Step 8: Ensure the recipient address is not an exchange address, click confirm if it is not an exchange address.

Step 9: Review the transaction details, click confirm if they are correct.

Step 10: [If requested] confirm the spending cap. If it is correct, approve the request.

Step 11: Wait for the spending cap transaction to finalize. This may take several minutes.

Step 12: Review bridge transaction details, click confirm in MetaMask if they are correct.

Step 13: Wait for the transaction to finalize. You can view the status of the transaction in the “History” tab of the WanBridge website. Wait for the status to change to “Success”.

Step 14: Confirm you have received your funds. You’re all done!

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  1. Is the token supply affected?
    No, all bridged assets are accounted for in the supply. No $GERO tokens were bridged after the exploit. GEROV2 ensures all tokens are accounted for. The supply will stay at the original amount of 500M.
  2. What is the exchange rate?
    It is a 1:1 token exchange for $GERO on Cardano
  3. How can I get help with an issue?
    Complete this form for any issues: