GERO stake pool rewards balancing

2 min readAug 11, 2023

Starting with epoch 430 August 13th, 2023, $GERO rewards for GERO stake pool delegators will increase by three times the previous reward amount.

This increase in rewards is meant to recalibrate the $GERO rewards amount as well as encourage additional delegation in order to create a healthier stake pool as well as reward supporters from the community. Rewards can be claimed via Drip Dropz (

How to get started

To get started with staking we have included a guide here:

GERO stake pool ticker: GERO

Additional GERO stake pool info:

Earning Rewards

You can earn rewards in many ways. Breakdown of rewards is explained below.

  1. Delegating ADA to the GERO Stake pool: Staking at least 250 ADA to the pool.
  2. Owning Gero NFTs: Each NFT you own will reward you 2.751 $GERO per NFT for each epoch.
  3. Owning NFTs from both the Gero stag collections and collaboration with Bajuzki Studios: If you own at least one NFT from each collection, a bonus of 8.5% will be applied.
  4. Owning $GERO: For every $GERO token held in your GeroWallet you will earn .00066 $GERO for each epoch.
  5. Delegating to the GERO pool for longer: Delegating to GERO for longer will earn you a higher bonus. Beginning with the first epoch you delegate you will receive a 1.25% bonus. This bonus maxes out at 15%. Once you receive the max bonus, as long as you stay delegated to the stake pool you will continue to receive the max loyalty bonus.

Rewards Breakdown

$GERO rewards chart

Additional Details:

  • The minimum amount of staked ADA to qualify for rewards is 250 ADA.
  • Rewards shown in the chart are guaranteed for the next 6 epochs following. After 6 epochs the rewards may be recalibrated for balance. If we make changes to the stake pool or rewards will be announced on our socials ahead of time.
  • Loyalty bonus resets after an address stops delegating.

For questions or additional information you can reach us here:


Drip Dropz

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