GeroWallet Forms Strategic Alliance with MLabs

MLabs Joins GeroWallet in Accelerating Development

GeroWallet, Cardano’s first all-in-one wallet, designed for ease of use and comprehensive functionality, has formed a partnership with MLabs, a premier Haskell, Rust and blockchain consultancy for Cardano and Polkadot.

MLabs established its stature in code development particularly in the fintech, AI and blockchain industries. Specializing in Rust and Haskell languages, the MLabs team is uniquely adroit at building projects on Cardano. The team has significant experience in project design, management, development and maintenance of DeFi apps on Cardano and Polkadot. MLabs has served notable clients in the ecosystem such as Input Output Hongkong (IOHK), Liqwid Labs, SundaeSwap and other prominent Cardano-based DeFi apps.

GeroWallet, on the other hand, is a multi-function DeFi app designed to be a one-stop-solution for users of all levels. GeroWallet’s interface is crafted with a user-centric focus. Its comprehensive toolkit will provide every utility a crypto user could ask for, from simple buying, selling and liquidity staking, to cross-chain swapping services.

With this partnership, GeroWallet will be able to harness the expertise of MLabs to jumpstart project development on Cardano. Specifically, the team will benefit from the experience of the MLabs team to advance GeroWallet’s strategies on implementation structure, management and maintenance.

About GeroWallet

Our users are our motivation. We are committed to building a dynamic environment for the advancement of blockchain by designing innovative, user friendly tools for the DeFi community. Our promise is to continuously strive for excellence in innovation, and incorporating user experiences and feedback into every iteration.

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About MLabs

MLabs is a Haskell, Rust and blockchain consultancy with a special love for functional programming and open source software. MLabs is one of the leading consultancies for building dApps and DeFi apps on top of Cardano using Plutus, as well as Polkadot and Substrate.

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