GeroWallet NFTs Coming February 23, 2022

4 min readFeb 22, 2022

In December of 2021, GeroWallet deployed Non-Fungible Token (NFT) support and formed strong alliances with several NFT platforms and marketplaces. Since then, we have been working behind the scenes to bring our community something special. After weeks of design effort, we are excited to announce that the GeroWallet NFT collection is ready and will be available to mint with Canucks Publishing starting tomorrow, February 23, 2022!

The collection will drop for the public at 11am EST, February 23, 2022. Additionally, anyone who was holding a Canuckz NFT (original or holiday) on February 22, 2022 at 12pm EST has also been included in a snapshot taken by Canucks Publishing and added to their whitelist for early access! Whitelist access to our NFT collection will be available an hour before public access at 10am EST on February 23, 2022.

The GeroWallet NFT collection will feature 3 types of NFTs:

  • Meet the Gero Stag NFT Coin. This coin is designed to be an educational tool, allowing users to experience minting an NFT. Apart from the ADA transaction fees required to process a transaction, this NFT can be minted for free!
  • Meet the Gero Mecha NFT! This NFT is broken into 5 separate NFTs (2 arms, 2 legs, 1 head). Users will receive a randomized assortment of NFTs upon purchasing, including Mecha pieces and a selection of the other available NFTs with interchangeable skins. You can then trade to collect the remaining pieces of the Mecha. Users who collect all 5 NFT pieces of the Mecha can then mint a 6th NFT that combines all 5 components onto a stag body to form the full Gero Mecha Stag. Details on how to mint the final Mecha Stag will be released at a later date by Canucks Publishing. For now, start collecting those pieces!
  • Meet our final stag NFT! This one can be minted with a random combination of variables. Each NFT can have a different background, antler and hoof color as well as accessories, creating up to 1300 different possible combinations.

There are 2000 NFTs available in the full collection. Users will have the opportunity to purchase our NFT collection in different quantities. Single (1), Triple (3), or Party (5). Once the quantity has been chosen, you will mint a randomized selection of NFTs from both the Mecha and the variable skin NFT collections.


  • “Single” — 1 NFT Randomly Selected: 35 ADA
  • “Triple” — 3 NFTs Randomly Selected: 99 ADA
  • “Party” — 5 NFTs Randomly Selected: 150 ADA

We hope everyone in our community takes this opportunity to secure at least one of these limited edition NFTs. Once the sale ends, they will never be mintable ever again. Happy minting!

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About Canucks Publishing

Canucks Publishing is the minting platform company behind Canuckz NFT, and several other projects. The goal of Canucks Publishing is to provide a one stop shop for creating your Cardano NFT collection. The platform is mature, battle-tested, and supports advanced features such as drop countdowns, dynamic bundles with minimum rarities, as well as throttling mechanisms to ensure the Cardano network does not become overloaded with extremely busy drops, and ensuring a great user experience for end users. The owners, Mike and Vivek are huge advocates of Cardano and also operate the Cardano Canucks [CANUK] stake pool.

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