2 min readFeb 9, 2024


GeroWallet proudly welcomes two exceptional additions to its team, Dudi and Adam. These visionary individuals bring a wealth of experience and passion to our ever-expanding ecosystem. Let’s delve into their stories and the invaluable contributions they’re set to make to the GeroWallet community.

Adam Cazes (AKA hild):

Adam Joined Cardano in September 2021. He is the founder of MusicBox NFT and, as well as his roles as Project Manager and UX Designer at Cardano Shield.

Adam’s involvement with Cardano started with MusicBox NFT, leading to the establishment of and Forge, the self serving minting service with their development team. Early on, they partnered with GeroWallet for several projects, laying the groundwork for future collaborations.

The development of Cardano Shield in partnership with GeroWallet was a significant milestone, underscoring the project’s potential as an open-source tool for protecting the Cardano ecosystem, supported by Catalyst. This effort highlighted the importance of teamwork and quick delivery.

“Joining GeroWallet’s leadership to contribute to product and marketing efforts is an exciting new chapter for me, and I look forward to maintaining the foundational principles we’ve built over time.” — Adam

Adding Adam and Dudi to our team marks an exciting chapter of innovation for GeroWallet. Their expertise and dedication further enhance our commitment to our community. We’re thrilled about the positive impact they’ll bring to GeroWallet!

Dudi Edri:

Dudi joined Cardano in January 2021, bringing over a decade of technology industry experience as a Full Stack Developer and Tech Lead. He founded the Israeli Cardano Community, MusicBox, and, and leads development on Cardano Shield and, in addition to operating the ISR Staking Pool. Dudi’s participation in the inaugural Plutus Pioneer First Cohort underscores his dedication to blockchain development, and his work on Forge, a Cardano NFT Minting Service, demonstrates his commitment to the ecosystem’s technological advancement. A key figure in the open-source community, Dudi maintains important GitHub repositories, including the Koios Java/Typescript Client, Ogmios Java Client, and Dextreme Java SDK. His extensive achievements and leadership skills make him a valuable asset to the Cardano community and the blockchain industry at large.