GeroWallet x Bajuzki Studio NFT Collection (limited to 2500)

3 min readOct 28, 2022

When? November 2nd @ 7PM UTC
Whitelist @4PM UTC

Total Supply: 2500

1: 94 ADA
3: 282 ADA
5: 470 ADA
10: 940 ADA

Who’s whitelisted:

1. GeroWallet stake pool stakers (GERO)
2. Vampire Invasion NFT holders
3. Gero Stag Collection NFT holders
4. Canucks NFT — OG Collection holders

Maximum of 3 NFT are available for each person that is whitelisted


  1. On-chain NFT staking for rewards ($GERO)
  2. Rewards are based on rarity. Higher rarity = higher yield
  3. Unlock the Gero Stag mount in the Vampire Playground video game
  4. Unlock Mecha Stag eggs: Submit your NFT to the incubator to hatch a Mecha Stag egg
  5. Evolutions: Evolve your Mecha stag for extra yield
  6. Whitelisting for future GeroWallet NFT mints
  7. Beta Access: automatic exclusive access to GeroWallet platform features before anyone else
  8. Exclusive GeroWallet Discord roles


With this collection, we wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the world of NFT collaborations. We not only aim to bring our supporters unique and highly collectable NFTs but also incorporate these into both Bajuzki and GeroWallet ecosystems.

Soon your GeroWallet will become more than just the best place to trade and hold ADA — there’s a new feature coming! It will enable you to stake your $GERO tokens on the Cardano blockchain in a simple and efficient way. What’s more, owning GeroWallet NFTs will enable the holders to boost their staking rewards! Mecha Stag owners will be able to submit their NFTs in an incubator to unlock Mecha Eggs — the amount of which will depend on the rarity of the Mecha Stag and the duration of the lock. Mecha Eggs will undergo 4 stages of life, and after reaching adulthood, they will yield extra staking rewards in the form of $GERO tokens.

Bajuzki studio has been developing an NFT-utilizing game, the Vampire Playground, for months. In this action RPG, the Vampire Invasion holders will have access to the fantasy world of Adalchia — with the owners of GeroWallet x Bajuzki NFTs able to explore this exciting realm on the back of their unique stag mounts!

Easter Eggs:

We have hand picked Cardano projects and implemented their logos into a small amount of the collection. Try being among the lucky ones who will mint a Mecha Stag with a hidden Easter Egg of your favorite Cardano community project!

HTML/CSS easter egg logos include:

  1. Indigo Protocol
  2. The Ape Society
  3. Hosky Token
  4. NEWM
  5. Charli3
  6. MuesliSwap
  7. Liqwid Finance
  8. ADA Street Bets
  9. B58 Finance
  10. Canucks Publishing
  11. Metadams
  12. FreeLoaderz
  13. AdaHandle
  14. FLAC Finance
  15. ADA Whale
  16. Sick City
  17. Manny BeInvesting
  18. COTI
  19. Artifct
  20. Cornucopias
  21. Yamfore
  22. MLabs
  23. Cardano
  24. Iagon
  25. Drip Dropz
  26. Anvil
  27. Hashoshi
  28. NMKR

About Bajuzki Studio

Bajuzki studio is a group of designers, game developers, and artists who believe in the potential of blockchain technology. Over the last year, we have released multiple NFT collections — including comic books and characters featured in our upcoming game — and have been helping other projects in the Cardano blockchain space.

Website | Twitter | Discord

About Canucks Publishing

Canucks Publishing is the minting platform company behind Canuckz NFT, and several other projects. The goal of Canucks Publishing is to provide a one stop shop for creating your Cardano NFT collection. The platform is mature, battle-tested, and supports advanced features such as drop countdowns, dynamic bundles with minimum rarities, as well as throttling mechanisms to ensure the Cardano network does not become overloaded with extremely busy drops, and ensuring a great user experience for end users. The owners, Mike and Vivek are huge advocates of Cardano and also operate the Cardano Canucks [CANUK] stake pool.

Website | Twitter | Discord

About GeroWallet

GeroWallet is Cardano’s first all-in-one decentralized finance (DeFi) wallet. GeroWallet is committed to building a dynamic environment for the advancement of blockchain by designing innovative, user-friendly tools for the DeFi community. Gero promises to continuously strive to provide accessibility to all through an intuitive user experience.

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