GeroWallet x Don-Key Integration Partnership

GeroWallet is integrating the Don-key Finance copy yield farming dApp!

Called the etoro of Yield farming, Don-key Finance has a mandate to bring DeFi to inexperienced and low-capital investors. In other words, they are a perfect fit for GeroWallet integration. Don-key Finance will integrate GeroWallet as their preferred wallet option, and we will integrate Don-key’s low-risk stablecoin copy-farming strategies on Cardano. This way, we can provide Don-key users with a simplified method of storing and using funds, while Don-key Finance brings low-volatility yield to the GeroWallet community. Read on to see how Don-key finance works.

Social trading is more popular than ever, yet there remains a distinct lack of options for yield farmers and liquidity providers. Don-key Finance has risen to meet this need with a decentralized copy-trading platform, bringing together investors who are short on time or capital with top yield farmers looking to maximize yield and minimize fees.

Don-key Farmers

Don-key farmers lead the way as social investors. While never having access to the funds, they route funds on behalf of individual liquidity providers, and through commissions, they essentially become autonomous hedge funds. Farmers create a profile detailing their farming philosophy as well as results, in hopes of attracting investors and increasing the assets under their strategy design. By pooling together funds, Don-key’s protocol can transact with ultra low fees, while operating with complete transparency.

Don-key Investors

Individual investors using Don-key finance have a wealth of strategy options to choose from, with many more to come. Currently on BSC, MATIC, and AVAX they simply choose the token they want more of, deposit, and Don-key handles the rest, auto-investing in professionally designed strategies. Along the way, investors will increase their own reputation and unlock increased access to opportunities on the platform. Top farmers and liquidity providers are rewarded with extra tokens, and together, investors will combine efforts to save gas fees through non-custodial pools of liquidity that use the same protocols.

Don-key Strategy Builder

Built for every type of Don-key user, the Strategy Builder will be a drag-and-drop no-code-necessary visual interface for designing yield-farming strategies. It offers functions like stop-loss or conditional commands and includes the ability to integrate cross-chain protocols to create flows of yield across blockchains. Users can build with features like one-click insurance quotes and automated APY calculation, and even upload their own code to the builder.

GeroWallet aims to be the all-in-one wallet, designed for ease of use and comprehensive functionality for both expert and novice users. Integrating the simple turnkey investment features that Don-key offers will give GeroWallet users access to advanced traders’ trades and professional portfolios.

About Don-key Finance is the first social trading platform for yield farming, bringing together liquidity providers and yield farmers alike. For this reason, the community refers to Don-key as the eToro of Yield Farming, which is a title the team embraces wholeheartedly.

The goal of the platform is to eliminate yield farming’s infamous complexity and replace it with a seamless retail experience, streamlined to offer the most profitable and adaptive product on the market.

With just one-click users can route their liquidity — in whichever token they chose — through professionally designed strategies that are updated to chase the highest available APY while minimizing risk.

Competitive Yield Farming is a full-time job; Don-key does it, so you don’t have to.

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About GeroWallet

Our users are our motivation. We are committed to building a dynamic environment for the advancement of blockchain by designing innovative, user-friendly tools for the DeFi community. Our promise is to continuously strive to provide accessibility to all through an intuitive customer experience.

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