November Partner Round-Up

As November comes to a close and we enter the last leg of this quarter, we want to take a minute and reflect on all the amazing partnerships we’ve had this past month.

Partnerships are a vital part of growing the Cardano ecosystem, and we are honored to be able to collaborate with so many awesome projects. We look forward to the value these partnerships will offer our users and to growing the Cardano Community together!


On November 9th we announced an integration partnership with Virtual Automated Market Maker, MatrixSwap. At the time Matrixswap had already released the beta for a DEX Aggregator that provides swaps using SushiSwap, QuickSwap, Dfyn, Ape Swap, Polycat, and more within one clean interface. As of November 24th, MatrixSwap’s Perpetual DEX is officially live, marking a new milestone as they build an amazing derivatives platform.

You can find their how-to guide here if you want to check it out!

This partnership with MatrixSwap is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) partnership that we’ve announced and was one that the community had been anticipating with excitement. We look forward to collaborating and bringing our shared commitment for a superior user experience to life!

Check out this Medium article to learn more about the partnership.

MatrixSwap Socials:

Website || Twitter || Telegram || Discord

Canucks Publishing

On November 17th we announced a strategic partnership with Canucks Publishing. Canucks Publishing is the minting platform company behind Canuckz NFT, and several other projects. They help people to get started in the Cardano NFT ecosystem and are experts in the space. Together, we will collaborate to bring Non-Fungible Token (NFT) support to GeroWallet.

Check out this Medium article to learn more about the partnership.

Canucks Publishing Socials:

Website | Twitter | Discord


On November 22nd we shared with the community that we will be integrating with Everlens, the largest NFT marketplace for Instagram. Everlens simplifies the process of turning Instagram posts into NFTs, and in doing so has created the largest digital marketplace for content creators and influencers. Anyone can turn their posts into NFTs — for now, on Binance Smart Chain, and later on Cardano and Solana. On November 23rd they completed a successful IDO and launched their token on PancakeSwap as well.

Check out this Medium article to learn more about the partnership.

Everlens Socials:

Website || Instagram || Telegram || Twitter || Medium || Discord


On November 24th we shared an announcement of an integration partnership with PhotoChromic. They are the first intuitive, biometrically managed Self-Sovereign Identity system built on the blockchain. The protocol aggregates biometric liveness, government backed identity and unique personal attributes into an on-chain NFTs that can be used for Web3 applications and on-chain verification. In other words, they tokenize peoples’ identities through an NFT that is programmable, verifiable, universally addressable, and digitally secured.

We have seen a lot of anticipation in the community for the unique approach to security and autonomy PhotoChromic will bring. We are excited for this integration partnership which will offer our users immutable security and independent management of their online identity.

Check out this article to learn more about this partnership.

PhotoChromic Socials:

Website || Twitter || Telegram || LinkedIn || Announcements || Medium




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Bridging DeFi and your needs, in one wallet.

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